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Our online course offers a self-paced avenue to identifying your unique strengths and challenges. Through videos, guided reflections, and slides, we will explore the ADHD brain and help you connect that information to yourself. We will guide you through self-reflections to help you understand your self-confidence on a deeper level. We will also talk more about skills and how to find what works for you. From there, you'll be able to move forward with more confidence in seeking out further support.

Who is this for?

  • Do you suspect you might have ADHD?

  • Have you recently been diagnosed with ADHD?

  • Were you diagnosed years ago without really understanding what it means or how it impacts your life?

  • Do you know someone with ADHD and want to better understand their experience?

  • Are you wondering how this integrates with your identity?

Why do I need this?

Often after receiving an ADHD diagnosis (or suspecting ADHD), folks are looking for more information. How does this impact my life and relationships? How do I move forward? What support do I need? Some people look for a therapist who specializes in ADHD, some read self-help books, some look for coaching... and all of these are great options! They all offer different types and levels of support. 


Therapists who specialize in ADHD can help you better understand your brain, your behaviors, and your patterns. Therapy tends to help you focus on integrating this new information into your sense of identity, making sense of your past, addressing past traumas that may impact/be impacted by ADHD, and generally repair your relationship with yourself or with others.


Coaches who specialize in ADHD can help you identify areas of your life in which you struggle or need extra support to maintain your life. Coaching tends to help you identify specific skills, routines, techniques, etc. in your daily life to improve organization, focus, attention, and more.


Self-help resources such as books, podcasts, documentaries, etc. can be very useful in learning more about ADHD in general and encouraging personal reflection. You may gain an understanding of the ADHD brain, common experiences, challenges, strengths, patterns of behavior individually or in relationships, and strategies to manage ADHD.

All of these options can be helpful, but trying to decide which route to choose can be tricky. You may immediately want to jump into skills to "fix" yourself when there are underlying self-esteem challenges to address first. Or maybe, you believe "everyone should be in therapy" and figure that now is a great time to try it out... only to realize you actually just need to learn the skills required to be consistently on-time to work. Maybe you're looking to start with self-help, but aren't sure where to begin. We can help you!

We utilize a series of videos/slides, guided reflections, skills, and techniques to teach you about ADHD and hopefully help you better identify if you need more support and which type of support you need. In addition to the online course, Jackie and Marcus also host a free ADHD podcast.

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