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Our Story

ADHD Avenue was born out of hyperfocus and excitement.

As mental health providers and ADHDers ourselves, we love working with and connecting with other ADHD brains. Folks often reach out to us for therapy after having been diagnosed with ADHD or after learning more about ADHD and wondering if they might have ADHD. Both of these are great and can present some challenges.

Sometimes these same clients would struggle to articulate their needs or goals for therapy. Some would be looking purely for skills, whereas others would be hoping to dive deeper into their childhood trauma experiences. Some folks were there because "everyone should be in therapy" or because they were simply referred by another provider.


It become clear that developing a guide of sorts to help individuals find the support they need and desire would be very helpful, so we began to conceptualize this process as an online course. (For more information about our training opportunities for professionals/clinicians, click here.)

Marcus and Jackie in front of road work ahead sign

Let's create a richer understanding of the ADHD experience by empowering ourselves to embrace our needs and share our stories.

Meet the Team

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